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Spark Plugs What is Correct Plug for 302 Motor?
My car seem is running a bit unevely and I was not sure I have the correct spark plugs in it. Spark is going to all the wires so I figure it may be the plugs

My engine is a 302 and the plugs in it are Motorcraft ASF 32C

Are these the correct plugs? If they are not correct does it make a difference in running?

Thanks for any help advice
What year is the motor?
Tnfastbk;78503 Wrote:What year is the motor?

The motor is a 1971
Takes an autolite 45 or 46

Motorcraft sp502 or so 420
Anyone know what the motorcraft and autolite spark plug would be if the heads are new from a 1977?
Found info Summit says spark plug is a ASF52 or SP-425 is good for a 302 for 77 maverick which is also same for 71 mustang
just bought autolight 45's for my 73 today. Going to try them out when i get home.
I'd cite the whole use of the terms "engine" vs. "motor" thing, but apparently it's accepted either way. rofl


Nothing to see here... move along. Wink


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
Clicked the link and just a blank page came up and said.

Mister4x4 = politically correctTongue
I just put in Autolite 25 per other member's recommendation in my 72 302.
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