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Spark plugs for 71 429cj.
Hi Forum...QQ.......I need a set of good plugs for my 429cj.....any recommendations.

I am in the US now......picking up miscellaneous parts......thumb
anderslober, the production installed spark plug in your 71 429 was a Autolite (replaced by Motorcraft) ASF-32. When the copper core plugs were released it became ASF-32C. When the platinum plugs were released as a alternative ASF-32P was the Motorcraft number. You can check this link and cross reference the Motorcraft numbers if you happen to have a favorite brand of plugs. http://www.sparkplug-crossreference.com/


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!
Awesome. Thanks. Are they 14mm or 18mm for the 429?
Autolite 45's which are an 18 mm plug work fine for me.

Adapters are available that will allow the use of 14mm plugs which opens up a whole lot more selection but for a moderately powered street car in a decent state of tune you shouldn't need to go there.

Edit: Sorry missed the CJ head part. I was assuming a regular passenger car head. The CJ heads do indeed use the 14mm plug.

73 conv. 460, D0VE large valve heads, Performer RPM manifold, Voodoo 227/233 cam, Holley 950 HP carb, C6 trans, 3.25 trak-loc.
Anderslober, since this is a CJ style 429 that run's the ARF-32 series plugs, the "A" designation would indicate a 14mm plug. Most of the stock 429's were still running the BRF-42 with "B" indicating 18mm.


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!
Ok...14mm for my 429 CJ. Got it. I am glad I asked........

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