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Spare tire options
I put a donut spare in my Mustang. When I got a flat I put the spare on. 5 miles later the spare disintegrated, left me in a bad part of town, and I had to get a tow home.
A flat donut spare you cannot get the jack under the car to lift it up. 

Lesson is those donut spares from the wrecking yard are too old already. Get a new one from a dealer or just call a tow truck.
I don’t have a spare tire in my trunk. If I did then I would never get my golf clubs in there! Lol, I agree with David, with the cell phone just cruise around and not worry about getting a flat. I guess if I was driving in some remote areas that would be different.

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Never would have thought a Kia rim would fit a ford mustang but I guess there are only so many stud pattern combinations. The Kia option opens up a whole new search area
I found a website that gives you the lug patterns for cars so then you can find all that match. Other factors i looked at was the age, size and load capacity of the donut. It took a lot of research to find the right one at the right price.
Here is how the ugly donut looks like on. In my case it is about 1.5" lower.
I agree with the statement of being careful how old the donut is. I will feel comfortable if it is up to 10 yeards old. Probably 15 if never used. Tires can degrade from the inside out due to the oxygen in the air oxidizing the rubber.    

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On the worries about the rear with two different sizes. If you have flat on the rear swap out a front tire and put the donut on the front.
While in Africa my gal fiend came over and I took her for a two week tour. We were in my beat up old Toyota pick up in the middle of nowhere on the ranch I work on. Boom blew left front tire. Had a hole 6" long. So no problem I have a spare. I flip the seat up and what NO JACK. It is miles back to the ranch house and she cannot walk that far and don't want to leave her there. So being an engineer I figured out how to change tire without a jack.
I went over to the fence row and they leave fence posts along the way in case one breaks. I got two fence posts carried back the truck. There are rocks everywhere so I stack up rocks in front of the truck to angle the posts like a ramp under the bumper. I then pile up rocks in front of the flat tire like a ramp and then a high pile. So I drive up the pile of rocks and then wedge the fence posts to the bumper. Knock the rocks out from under the tire and change the tire and back off the fence posts.
When I got back to the ranch I found out one of the guys borrowed my jack and forgot to put back. I told the owner I had to change the tire without a jack. He did not have a clue how I did it.
As far as age on tires. I have several cars with tires over 15 years old and one that has originals and is a 1950 model. I just do not drive fast or long distance. Just like the donut spares usually say 50 mph max and have a miles limit also.
Some of the drag racers use to use the donut spare wheels for front wheels some are actually aluminum.

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