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Sounds when starting the car and running without a key
Hey members,
A few questions regarding the start-up of my car...
(It's a 1972 Mach1 351c)

Every once in a blue moon when I go to start the car, I get a loud screeching sound from within the engine as if it is getting gas and almost sounds literally like the engine is gonna blow. After months past of posting something similar, some suggestions recommended changing the starter solenoid. So recently, while installing a new battery (optima) the negative and positive cables, and a new voltage regulator, I also installed a new motorcraft solenoid. Since doing that, I have had two instances with the same issue when starting the car. I go to start it and it immediately will go into a loud ongoing noise. I immediately pull the key and the car still continues to run. The only way to shut it off is to put the key back in, act like I am turning it over again, then turning key back to "off" position. I then get a sound like its winding down, then stops. Again, it has done this a few times in the past before changing everything out, but it was like seven plus months between those instances and now it's twice in a week. (Though the car was turned on and off more often recently due to a recent production it was used in)...But today, as also suggested from my mechanic we were gonna swap out the ignition switch, along with the cylinder and key. I live next to a NPD warehouse, so I planned on going by there today and doing it all tonight. Anyone else have similar issues, and or think it could be the ignition switch. To my knowledge it is the original ignition and such.

Thanks in advance.
I had that happen to mine and it was the solenoid. Even a new one can go bad.


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I think swapping out the ignition switch is not a bad Idea at this point.

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The ignition switch would have been my suggestion. It sounds like it's getting stuck in the "Start" position forcing the starter to stay engaged after the engine kicks over.

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Just throwing this out as a wild guess. Did you put some grease on the starter gear? Could be that the gear is not disengaging from the flywheel correctly. Again this is just a guess.

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Some Mod pictures can be seen at:

Thanks for the info. ..I will be doing all of that ^^^ tonight. I'll keep you posted.
Sounds like a bad starter bendix that is getting stuck to me.
+1 on the bad starter...

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