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some weird stuff going on in my trunk!!
ok..finaly got my car out too take some pics of the odd things in my trunk of my mustang...my local mustang restore guy pointed them out too me..cause he never seen it before....i owned the car my whole life..and never noticed....well..looks too be factory paint on it..which is weird...i know chevy put factory alarms in at that time..wasnt sure if ford did or not...notice the adjust bars...the funky little electric parts..and the trunk lid hinges are made for them bars to slip into..and a adjust postion behind it.....told a few i would post pics of them..sooo here they are..lol..watcha all think? wonder if its the same set up they use on the original gone in 60 sec car..when the alarm goes off..lol
Interesting, but I think the alarms were aftermarket back then.

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[Image: 20180127_082009.jpg]

upload a photo on internet

im not sure if ford....gm list factory alarms way back..of cource on just about all vetts and high ends..but my cousin has a 74 trans am..it list factory alarm for it..lol and he said year before it did too....if its dealer installed...they sure painted it too match perfict..and the age of the paint...and color...its perfict and matches all spots i know were never repainted..and were the normal brackets..doesnt look like a bolt or trunk even been attached too the factory spots....made me think of the movie..gone in 60 secs original..when he puls out..and it goes off..lol..i figured..maybe they did..or didnt..think sence chevy was..they would too..but not allways..lol...wish i would find the rest too see how it sounded and worked..lol..mite still be in the car some were!! i keep finding things..lol
That's an old school terminal block for attaching wires to, and they aren't connected to anything. My guess is some old stereo equipment left behind from a previous owner or the car was a demo unit.

You seem hung up on gone in 60 seconds.
Question is, are you referring to the original with Toby Halicki or the remake?
I prefer the original one. You ought to see his other movie, "The Junkman". It's a good car flick.
naw..not hung up on it at all.lol..we was just talking today while i was tring to get pics of it..and my cousin kept saying..remmeber when he pulled out and the alarm went off?..lol..the original one im talking about...i dont like the new one{rolls eyes} nothing worse than modern car movies anymore..lol..all the cgi..and wet roads!! lol the roads allways wet now days on sunny hot day hehe cause its easy to get the car to slide with out much power..lol

those terminals you see..have metal on the ends..that touch those bars that go across..lol..i thought at first i was seeing some kinda rear window defroster......no speakers in back..nor has there been....no holes or anything....no spots for wires...and some one took great care to make sure and not destroy the dash to put a nice stock looking sony tape deck in it...1990ish model...that fits perfict in the original hole...has nobs like the original still......still has original stock speakers..sounds like hell..lol

and mite be a demo unit...what is weird...the car was orderd late as stock..on the marti report..a memeber on here notice...usualy means was ordered as a car to show off the new products for there lot..like a showroom car....but it was made very late...and it was sold in about a week or so...which is odd...if a dealer wanted to put all that stuff..and pay to have it painted...in less than a week after getting the car? ..old cars..allways find somthing odd..lol
the junkman..you know im not sure if i seen that... i seen alot of old car movies thou...dirty marry crazy larry ...two lane black top....bullitt.. love the classics..lol
and please anyone..feel free too post pics of there trunks if you got them..would like to see what normal hinges look like and trunk.
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