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Some question about transmission and steering
I don't use to visit the forum because I don't have spare time enought.

From a time I only use my car to enjoy it. I fill the gas tank and hear the V8 and play with my "toy". But now, I need to do a good maintenance.

I have some question, because the car is not matching number, and I don't know where could to get the parts I need. Further, I'm not exactly an expert in mechanics, but I like the "DIYs" and I'm learning slowly.

The point is that I need some parts:

- Rear Retainer gearbox. The car came from factory with the FMX gearbox, but now it has a C6. I wanna disconnect the transmission and mount the new seal and I hope to finish with dripping ATF by the part that goes to the cardan shaft.

- Front differential Oil Seal. (I don't know if it's the original one or not) The problem is the same case for the gearbox. Where the cardan comes and is introduced into the differential, it can be sought lubricant dripping from the front side. You can see the differential in the pictures. There isn't the metal steel with specs, so I don't know which is. Is only has a few numbers machined on the top (see the pictures), and I can not decode it. In the lower face of the box, there are machined too the number "77". ¿???

[Image: 150205035310428562.jpg]

[Image: 150205035344428563.jpg]

- Steering tie rods. In the picture you can see the striatum and I need the piece that covers it.
Further, the joint loses much hydraulic fluid. When going to take the car I find a puddle of a foot on the floor next to the front wheel (driver side). I've to refill the pump continuosly. I think I need the output axle cap of steering pump.
The steering is malfunctioning. Sometimes it goes well (a bit hard in my opinion), and other times you need both arms to move the steering wheel (very, very, very hard). For example when the car is parked. Do You know if I have to change the steering pump? or steering box for a new one?

[Image: 150205035405428564.jpg]

[Image: 150205035428428565.jpg]

On the other hand, does anyone know where I can get a complete cutting of the car where I could find all parts? my English isn't as good as I'd like, and when I buy parts sometimes it costs me a lot of work.

Sorry if it seem silly or obvious questions, but I'm just a beginner and need help from people who know well the car.

Thank you very much in advance!

Best regards from Spain,


P.D. Sorry for the pictures size!

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Can you post some details about your car- engine size, year etc.?

Your translation isn't too bad, I think what you are needing is:

1) Transmission Output Shaft Seal- this should be the same for most C6 transmissions.

2) Rear Axle Pinion Seal- the pictures show a 9" axle, for a 71-73, that would have been the original axle if the car was built with an engine 351 ci or larger.

3) Steering Box Sector Shaft Seal- this should help with leaks from the shaft with the large nut (where the Pitman arm munts, the arm from the steering box to the center link)

It sounds like your power steering box is on its way out.

One of the vendors here should be able to provide these parts for you, they are common items to replace. They can also provide the shop manuals for your model year of car which not only would help with the repair, but also the names of the parts...
I agree with mjlan. The Ford shop manuals are a must have if anyone is going to work on these cars. Even if you have a mechanic do the work he will need them as well to do the work properly. The illustrations alone are very informative. Improper replacement of the differential pinion seal, the torque on the yoke retaining nut being wrong, can result in differential noise or failure. Changing the sector shaft seal on the steering box without disassembly of the steering box can be done as someone on the site has had it done. Hopefully they will post how it was done.

Just as information, the casting date on the differential appears to be, October 30, 1970. This would be correct for a 1971 model.

Good luck with the repairs. Don't let the english language issue keep you from posting. Everyone here is willing to help when they can.

I'm very gratefull for your fast replys!!

Yes, the car is a 351C.
Sorry, I forgot to give more specs.
The first numbers of VIN are: 1T05H......
At the beginning is had a 351C-2V. Now there is a 4V edelbrook intake manifold.

I bought the hayness for our car models, but I think the information it shows is a bit poor in some articles,... or I'm stupid.
I'd be very gratefull if you could advise about any other book.
And about the parts, I know that they are sold in many shops, but I've a big problem when I'm going to do the order because I'm not sure about the correct name jajajaja....

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This is the shop manual for a 71:


It is written by Ford, so it contains much more detail than the Haynes manual.
Ey!! thanks mjlan !!
I'll buy it !!!

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I'd like to know about this "counterbalance" that is screwed to the gear box. It's the first time I've seen that. Have you ever seen anything like this??

[Image: 150205084832428739.jpg]

[Image: 150205084813428737.jpg]

Best regards,


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No counterbalance...it looks like it is supporting the rear of the transmission and bolted to a frame rail.

Let me check your shorts!

[Image: Flamicon2.jpg]

[Image: oldfart.png]
midlife;213857 Wrote:No counterbalance...it looks like it is supporting the rear of the transmission and bolted to a frame rail.

no, no "midlife", the misterious part is hanging from the gearbox.

Here is a sketch:

[Image: 150206085152429031.jpg]

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Looks like an "anti-vibration weight".
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