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Some Interesting Observations - Original Paint 1973 Mach 1
Hi guys,

This is a car my friend/neighbor bought earlier this year. Noticed some things that I had not seen before and wondered what you all thought. Car is a very late July 73 build that was purchased by second owner in 1975 and sat for the last 30 years.

First pic shows front valance being blacked out in the center and body color on the ends...have never seen this on an original car or on a concourse restoration. Also in first pic you can see that the side marker light bezel is black and NOT body color. Have seen a lot of discussion over the years about which way is correct.

Second pic shows rear valance being all black vs body color. Again, I have not seen this before.

Interested in your thoughts and comments.


[Image: 4pwqx4.jpg]

[Image: 2mhhn9t.jpg]

1972 Q Code Convertible
I have never seen the valance black either. Every original never painted 73 Mach 1 I have ever seen has the front side marker light frames and also the area around the frame, left open by the strip, black. My original one owner Mach 1 is that way. They sprayed black paint around the opening before they put the strip on the strip comes loose when the paint lifts and it does with time. My car was a May build.
Yes even the brochures show both ways. Might have been when they made the photo cars someone said that looks out of place paint it black and they went back and changed.
When I see an original unpainted 73 Mach on Ebay I always look and have never seen one that was not painted black none so far have been body color. I don't think I have seen one with the Argent strip to see if it is Argent.
I need to start getting copies of the pics and put in a folder and post.
I see lots of restorations where they don't paint at the end of the honeycomb panel in the rear and around the gas opening satin black.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
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