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Solenoid question
My solenoid crapped out on me, so I went and got a new one from orellys. Upon installation the last wire I connected was the yellow 90 degree connection as seen on the right below (not my car... I wish!). Anyway, when I connected that wire, my aftermarket solenoids for my electric fan and fuel pump were energized (as noticed by my fuel pump running). So I left that wire off finished installation and the car started and my fuel pump operated normally. Does anybody have any idea why this is happening? Is my new solenoid screwed up? I have currently just left it in so I can move the car around, but I think I need to remove it and go exchanges it. Thoughts?[Image: 71690d1244407904-1973-mustang-mach-1-sta...010057.jpg]
I think that I answered my own question. The image below gives a good example of the wires functions and it appears that I tapped into whatever circuit feeds the coil power. Sounds to me like the solenoid is jacked... what’s your thoughts?
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=153186&stc=1&d=1468689966]
Is your battery connected to the large terminal next to the "S" terminal, and is your solenoid oriented like both pictures, with the terminals on the lower side?

It sounds like your battery and starter are connected to the wrong terminals.

If everything is connected correctly, yes you have a bad solenoid.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
Yes, all connections are correct. Thanks for the feedback!??
So the I terminal is hot with the key off?

Then as Don suggests, you got a bad solenoid.

Was the wire you hooked up to that terminal hooked up to your old solenoid?

I’m not sure that it should power all of your accessories- I think that means that you are running all of those things off of the ignition circuit as that wire just backfeeds 12v tonthe ignition when the solenoid is energized during cranking...
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