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Soft Brakes
If your proportioning valve is proportioned for the old disc/drum combo,
you need the proper disc/disc valve.
Same goes for the master cylinder I believe.

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When I still had the original disks up front, I had a similar issue with a very soft initial pedal that firmed up after several pumps. Definitely air in the lines somewhere. I took each front caliper off the rotor and bled again with the bleeder screw pointing straight up. Do one side at a time and hold the piston with your c clamp. Took out lots of air and now pedal is solid. After reading this thread perhaps my calipers were also on the wrong side.
i can tell you this... my car originally had the front disc calipers reversed, magically somebody actually managed to bleed them and get the air out, so it is possible to have the front brakes reversed and have a solid pedal with no air in the lines.

on my car they could of been there for 15-20 years i discovered the problem when i rebuilt my brakes after 3 years of ownership.
I think they are on correct, bleeder on top. Anyone have a picture of a correctly positioned caliper?

[Image: 10eijwj.png]
The bleeder should point perfectly horizontal. If it points slightly downward it is on the wrong side
[Image: 100_1307.jpg]

The bleeder is horizontal not pointing down
Thanks 72HCode, Mine are right.

[Image: 10eijwj.png]
OK mine were also correctly installed and bleeding with caliper oriented with the bleed screw at the very top solved my issue. Actually now that I think about it, I first compressed the caliper piston with the bleeder open to take up some vacant space before bleeding. After I did that to both fronts it was a night and day difference.
I can only add that Ford used something like 3-4 different model boosters, and there were 2 different ones in 72 alone, and the shaft diameters were different, AND there were 2 different rear brake cylndr sizes on the drums that would both fit. My car had both sizes installed when i got it! The posters above have more detailed knowledge, but just make sure you have the MC matched to the correct booster. My pedal is still too low in my opinion...
Car finely back together, brakes better. Pedal still a little soft, will have to get use to it. Went with new calipers also. Now a new problems arises , but for another forum.
Thanks one and all.

[Image: 10eijwj.png]
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