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so what would happen if I took the 545 stroker from my 78 Ranger and
put it in my 73 Mex mach 1.  my 78 Ranger is running a newly built 545 stroker making a bit over 600hp.  it started as a 460 block from a 70s Lincoln car.  the ranger started life with a 351w, so seems like the 351w from my Mach 1 could go back in. the truck is running a TCI built C6.  the mach 1 is running a hurst 4sp shifter, not exactly sure what trans. I guess I would need a new trans and shifter in the mach 1 after the swap...

my concern is right now the Mex Mach 1 is numbers matching, and is somewhat rare.  I know that rare does not mean valuable, but my dilemma is whether to keep the mach 1 original, or go full on rest-mod....
Hey do what you want with your car. You could restore it perfect never drive it and polish it every day. Never get to do a burn out or take on a spin on a nice curvy mountain road. Then when you die the estate sale will be a low price and someone will drive it. Never put off doing something you never know when you number will come up.
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I suppose I could turn the 351w into a 427.
I think I have a better idea. last year I put a new 306( 380hp, 420 torque at 4500 rpm) crate motor in my 90 Bronco. I regret putting in a small displacement higher revving motor. I would prefer the Bronco to have more hp and drive at more like 1500-2500 rpm. I think the way the 306 crate motor drives could be really good in my Mach 1, then I could buy the "right" motor for my Bronco. rebuilding the 351 in the mach 1 is needed, and might not even be possible if its true that it was rebuilt once already in 1981. a rebuild with new top end would be as much as a crate motor, so this swap might be the best route.
If you decide to keep it original, and your 351W cylinders are maxed out, have the block sleeved.

I agree about your Bronco, especially if you do any (sane) off-roading, you need lots of torque at 1,000 RPM, not 4,500.

Good luck on your builds, let us know how it goes.

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(08-07-2019, 08:31 AM)MustangNJ Wrote: put it in my 73 Mex mach 1.  my 78 Ranger is running a newly built 545 stroker making a bit over 600hp. 

If you stomp on the gas - the Earth would spin the other way 

Then you'd have 6,999,999,000 lawsuits from all the other humans on the planet whose weather patterns and lives have been turned upside-down whistling

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last winter when I was looking for a Mach 1 to buy, I test drove a '71 with a Keith Craft motor making 500+ hp out in AZ. the car had too many issues so I passed on it, but that car with a 4sp could move !
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