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So long for now
Hi guys. There are times we all make decisions and it was my time to make one. My '72 Mustang has been sold. I put a very fair price on it and it was gone the next day. The good news is that it went to a good home, a lucky young man still waiting to get his drivers licence at 16 years old! He understands that he is taking ownership of a 40+ year old car that will need constant maintenance, but it's cool that he prefers this to a new Honda or Subaru! This is the shot of him and his father leaving with my baby.
I have told the new owner about this awesome site, and the help and encouragement you all provide, so hopefully he will introduce himself if he hasn't already.
See you all down the road.

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You'll have some tough days ahead but it will get better. I sold my first real classic, a 73 Coupe to a mom buying it for her son's 16th birthday. She bought it sight unseen, I helped load it up and watched the driver take it away. Less than 2 years later I found my current car, another 73 Coupe... All better sir now.

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Where are you going? Get back here! We still need your input! You're not getting out of it that easy!

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I'm sure the big smile the 16 year-old's face help ease your pain. I'm sure he will excited for quite a while. Hopefully he will sign up here.

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upload a photo on internet

You must have had real valid reasons for parting company with the old girl, and i hope you don't regret it down the track too much.

Don't be a stranger to the forum. All the best,


Hey Murstang
That's sad to hear that. I liked our interaction on suspension subjects and your input in general.
Your car was one of the coolest on this site.
But as Greg has pointed out you musta had your reasons so who are we to judge.
See you bro, take care.

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"If I were you...... I´d rather be me."  Tongue

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"don't change man.....stay the same as you are" you know kinda like your high school yearbook?
Big Grin

Stick around even though she's gone.

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LOL even my sig line offended somebody!
To me it is always sad when you sell one, and others have said, you are part of this forum forever so don't be a stranger.
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