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so did i kill my c6?
This is my first restoration and of course before jacking the car up and tearing it apart i couldnt resist the urge to tear up and down the road in it 1 more time (ive had it sitting and waiting for a while) i did the normal stuff, checked fluid fired her up and let it all warm up then cruised for probly 15 min with no problem, a little info on the car is its a 1973 coupe with a 429 and c6 tranny and a b&m megashifter, i knocked it down into low nailed the throtle and started to bang through the gears i did this up and down the road plus alot of donuts for a little bit but then on the final pass getting home i came out of the donut and my powersteering box overheated and sprayed oil (idk why it was filled with motor oil?) on the exuast, smoke pours through the dash and of course im really concerned as i cut the motor (immediately) and coast the last 20ft into the front yard, later i hose it off check everything and the motor runs just as smooth, doesnt smoke but my c6 doesnt move the car at all, park works just like normal but the 123and reverse do nothing. sooooo is a new tranny going on the list? or could it be rebuilt, everything on the outside looks fine but i havent dropped it out yet. :/

oh and yes i was still slap shifting until i heard the hiss of burning oil -_- after i heard that and saw the instant smoke i shifted to neutral and cut it off.
Are you sure it was PS fluid that sprsyed, and not a trans cooler line that let go?
Sounds more like a tranny line broke and sprayed fluid everywhere. Now you are low on fluid and it won't move. Fire it up, check for leaks, top off the trans and see if it will move. The c6 is a really tough trans and should handle some spirited driving with no problems. But it does sound like its low on fluid.


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I would check your fluid level and inspect the linkages from your shifter to trans.

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+1 on check the fluid level first.

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As other said,

check trans fluid level.

Inspect shift linkage so you can see the shifter moving the transmission gear selector back a and forth. You can do this with the car on the ground and a flash light have somebody inside the car roll the shifter for and aft with the engine off.

Inspect fluid lines for steering and trans. Check steering pump fluid level as well when warmed up.

The trans lines cross from the passenger side just below the firewall in front of the engine mount, crosses to the drivers side and into the radiator cooler.
The power steering lines are aft of the shock towers, either one could of let go and sprayed the exhaust manifolds.

If the trans fluid is all burned and had a ton of clutch pack material in it then it will look dark like engine oil.

The power steering unit should be using type f transmission fluid so it's possible to confuse both because it's the same fluid.

Now if the engine popped a seal that could of also sprayed the engine exhaust manifolds.

So check levels first and mechanical connection from the shifter and then start tracing the source of the leak.
the transmission actually reads overfull now? and i did check the shift linkage later today illl drop the battery in and run the fuel line to a jug and fire it up and look for leaks, right now tho fuel line and tank have been pulled in preperation for the floor pan job Tongue Big Grin
since its been moved to the garage tho the ps box leaks really bad everytime i touch the steering wheel but thats a different problem lol
Tho i assume it's common knowledge but did you check the transfluid with the engine warmed up, idling in park? Checking it otherwise will show higher on the dipstick.
matrixx;187564 Wrote:Tho i assume it's common knowledge but did you check the transfluid with the engine warmed up, idling in park? Checking it otherwise will show higher on the dipstick.

........crap, Confused i am not a smart man. i havent been able to get back to it since i posted the question though i had to go get cna certified today and yesterday was grass mowin day soooooo Dodgy
thanks Big Grin
I figured I'd ask since you claimed to have removed your gas tank that you may not have had it running at the time you checked.

Yep, priorities, without them I'd have one hell of a mustang by now!

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