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smoke rear glass
thinking about doing a smoke rear window fastback, and keeping the clear side windows, do you think that would look odd?
I think that would look very odd, but hey it's your car!
Its all about personal prefs, but If I would do this, I would go for a subtle and light darkening, so the contrast with clear glass would not be too obvious.
I would worry much more on the "how" to do it and how long it will look good.
Using films, as the window is exposed in sunlight the whole time, I would be afraid to see bubbles appear after a while or get discoloured regions. Even if a "uv resistant" film is used, the sun isn't always complying to manufacturers wishes in the long run.
With spray, the spotless glass has to be flat lower than spray gun and to apply the layer evenly distributed is very tricky. Also you have to be careful not to get any scratches when you put it back and after that.
If you go for it, I'm looking forward to read how you will do this.

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Ditto Fabrice.. Its your car your choice your way.
The one thing you would need to consider is the already existing bad all round vision in these cars. Dark tint to the rear window would add to that bad vision

1971 Grandé
Personally, I prefer smoking cigarettes or that funny green stuff over a rear window...

Let me check your shorts!

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sometimes we just need some input to steer  us in the right direction . i know i do  Haha  for me i'm a big fan of louvers  love the look
Yes Thanks for the inputs so far, was thinking about tint my new rear window, but really have not seen one yet
I have contemplated this for a long time. Thats a very big window. I dont think it will look that odd but it will be nice to see it first.
My friend that knows something about film told me that due to the width of the window you will need two sections of film. Therefore you will need someone extremely skillful so it looks good. Thats what is holding me back.

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I would go with the smoked to help reduce UV and sun damage to the interior. Also, help protect the 45 year plastic parts, hopefully.


mustang7173 Thankyouyellow

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