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Smell of GAS...

Finally got my 72 ready for the road in Oz and am enjoying the sunshine cruising around.

I am getting the occasional whiff of gas when driving with the windows down (definitely unburnt fuel smell) sometimes seems to be an issue going uphill or maybe when accelerating heavily, doesn't seem to occur at idle so much (either that or there is no wind blowing the smell in my direction..) also can occur when cornering quickly it seems

The smell is also pretty bad just after I have parked up and closed the garage door, go back after 10-15 minutes and the smell is really bad

Charcoal cannister is connected with a new hose to the air cleaner and I have recently replaced the rubber hose and fuel filter...(could it be that the new fuel filter is flowing better than the old one and now there is too much gas in there? Do I maybe need to adjust the bowl float height a little to reduce the flow?

I am fairly sure I never had this problem when driving the car around in the UK and the fuel filter and hose is all that has changed.

I have a Holley 4bbl on a 351C 2v...and I have looked around the engine when it is running and can't see signs of fuel leakage....

Any ideas?

Obviously you looked at the ground for puddles. If your Holley is a duel feed, I have had problems with leaks right where the fuel log screws into the large fitting on the carb. That's where I'd start. Drips there would evaporate quickly in the garage and leak more when driving. I think I'd verify tight connections all along the delivery lines. Gas fumes are NOT our freind Sad

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Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
My stock 351C 4V with Holley sometimes smells like gas.
I just pass it off as the nature of the car.


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I had a bad fuel pump that did the same thing. It pumped fine but leaked. It could be cracked fuel lines.

Jeff T.

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Based on what you cited in your post, I would STRONGLY suggest that you check thoroughly for leaks.

After you shut it down, you might want to check the intake manifold to see if there is any gas "spilling over" there. You might also want to put some cardboard under the length of the car (fuel line and gas tank) to see if there is evidence of leaking.

You should NOT be smelling gas under the circumstances you cited.


Do the RIGHT thing.
Many years ago in college I drove my 65 that smelled like gas due to a rusted tank causing junk to get into my carb. It ran fine like that for a few months before it started overloading really bad. I didn't fix it because the girl I was dating seemed to really like my car smelling slightly like gas - hey, why fix a good thing?

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The threat of fire!

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Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
jejej!!... Don, you´re right!!... The girl is THE BOSS always! Tongue...

I had a similar problem in my first 1970 hardtop... The car was really bad shaped so the smell was the least of my problems but according to what you´re saying slimeysimes, if you already checked for leaks or problems in the fuel circuit as a rusted top side of the tank, some leaks in the lower connections between the sender and the hose or the pump... you need to check now why is your car is getting richer and not burning the fuel correclty...

If the carb seems to be ok, then my experience with my 70 can be another thing to check.... That car kept going off point ALL THE TIME... I tunned the hole thing... carb, dist and everything... i ran 2 days and then, again my carb kept flooded, fuel smell everywhere etc...

After 100 tries we found out the link between the distrib and the inside of the engine... the little gear... was a little old and that kept my distributor going out of point. The fuel didn´t burn correctly and that was my problem that caused not only the smell but a very erratic run of the engine in certain RPM...

I dont know ANYTHING about mechanics so this can be my 50 cent Tongue

Damián Cool

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Besides fuel leaks, check your deck lid gasket. If you have a bad seal around the decklid ,you will pull exhaust / gas fumes inside the car while it is moving.

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Sounds like a zipper crack in a line or gasket that only leaks when the engine is up to operating temp. My concern would be the fact that fumes are building in the garage after shutting the motor off. Leads me to think a leak around the carb that and the intake is evaporating it immeadiately. There would be discoloration on the intake anywhere there is a fuel leak. Look close and keep a window open.

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Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
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