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Slowest resto ever - Project AmsterFoose
Finally more progress and the new rear is in sight!

I positioned the trunk corner :

[Image: c26f3c6bb6332a476e5705db39b7f022.jpg]

Plug welding it was challenging, I can’t seem to keep the torch inside the hole:

[Image: 5bee823de14d11f38a0713c4c9554c8a.jpg]

But in the end all was good:

[Image: 9f07bd205182412aea4c98d13562657d.jpg]

Rear look:

[Image: fa3f560333eda6cf20c9353f55c94047.jpg]

I also welded back the trunk latch bracket:

[Image: 0a33d91de668e64fa8dac59c501d73d6.jpg]

All in all a good weekend, considering yesterday when I started welding I found out the shielding gas bottle was completely empty and I had to get a new one from... somewhere...

Next I can weld the panel itself back in.
And there it is, the new taillight panel welded in place:

[Image: IMG-2854.jpg]

[Image: IMG-2849.jpg]

I put plug welds all around the edge, I finally seem to get a better feeling for them thankfully. The whole thing feels pretty strong too, better than expected.

Very happy about this part being done. Next are the bumper reinforcements and then the LH lower quarter and drop-off.
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Well done Vinnie! Goed bezig ;-)
With all this awesome weather we had here this weekend I managed to get a bit more done and move on to the next project!

First I welded the bumper reinforcements back in:

[Image: IMG-2941.jpg]

[Image: IMG-2978.jpg]

And now that the taillight panel is finished I've started digging in the lower LH quarter:

[Image: IMG-2999.jpg]

Unfortunately the car got hit in its previous life and while examining the pulled out dent I found a fair bit of rust in a nasty spot:

[Image: IMG-2997.jpg]

So now I'm thinking if I shouldn't only replace the lower quarter but maybe the full quarter so that any possible rust underneath the wheel well's edge can be removed as well. Any thoughts on this choice?

Meanwhile I've started putting in the drop-off but ran out of time so I left it at this:

[Image: IMG-3017.jpg]

More in 2 weeks :-)
Took out the seats today.

[Image: ef5bed6ca875df5aece810dcda84bd0d.jpg]

No build sheet :-(
So this weekend I took out the remaining interior; carpet, ceiling and all the trim:

[Image: e5a870dd8d29fb8f3059327238ef4965.jpg]

Good news is no holes underneath my vinyl roof! The floor however is a defferent story.

The rear floorpans have been patched. Is it me or do these patches look bad? Thoughts?

RH rear side:

[Image: acc6b48340d82897c24d2f18717a7e2f.jpg]

LH rear side:

[Image: 95dc5c2b7d9d2133aeab4e1bf1724500.jpg]

In the front everything is still original but a little too crispy so I think I need to at least patch those pans:

RH passanger pan:

[Image: 4e4e5814cc8b159f33e767eaf7a3cdf4.jpg]

The LH side is only slightly better...

But all that is for later, I now need to get the quarter window and mechanism out. Anybody have any pointers for that job?
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