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Sloppy grey
Has anyone come up with a formula or some type paint to simulate sloppy grey? That's the correct color for the shock tower braces, and the hood latch mount, right?

I found a Paint at Autozone it looks very close. it was import gray.

I found this writeup on the web:

"Hoodlatch & Bracket/Shock Tower Braces/Headlight Housing L Brackets
The hood latch bracket, headlight housing L brackets and shock tower braces used "slop gray" which started off as black. Other extra colors were thrown in at the factory to replenish the paint supply, leading to various shades of gray. For this reason, these parts could have been anything from black all the way to gray. The Hood Latch itself was believed to be Phosphate and Oil coated"


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Call NPD they had slop grey made in spray cans

Ohio Mustang Supply

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I bought a spray can from CJ Pony a couple of years ago.

Mike AKA Ole Pony & Rare Pony

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upload a photo on internet

OMS;81770 Wrote:Call NPD they had slop grey made in spray cans

+1 on Don's post. It is as good as any alternatives I've seen. I used it on my car. Chuck

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Thanks guys, I'll get a can with my next order, you guys rock!
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