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Slight confusion with coil/dizzy
OK, I had a couple wiring issues with my car when I got it, had a wire that was burnt, and PO put a duraspark system in my car. I have been gathering components to put a stock dizzy back in car, but want to run pertronix ignitor with flamethrower coil. (all this to retain Ram-Air system). My confusion comes into play with resistance wire. With a flamethrower coil, do I want 12v to the coil, or the resistance wire voltage of 6-8 volts? I have an MSD waiting to go in if I can't figure this out, but would love to have ram-air functionality!!! PS, hated the ignition box and mass of wires for the duraspark. The flamethrower coil is the 1.5 ohm coil. Second, to beef up the dizzy gear, do you just drill out the original roll pin hole and install a bigger roll pin? If so, what size seems to work? I have the ARP heavy duty oil pump shaft, so want to beef up dizzy gear! Thanks everybody!!!
Here is the link. http://www.pertronix.com/docs/instructio.../28010.pdf It looks like 12 volts to me. You can put a standard (small) cap on the Duraspark distributor and connect it to the MSD box with no need to change distributors. I have seen no need to use a larger roll pin, or a second pin, on the distributor gear. Chuck
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