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Sleeved block
I was told they did not have to go into the water jackets, that's why I even took it. My father also claims that it was sonic tested as well. Obviously before I build it I will get everything re-tested. Thanks gents!!
The only possible issue with dry sleeves is improper preparation and fit, so the sleeves don't have good contact with the original cylinder walls for heat transfer. But it sounds like they followed the right procedure by sonic testing it first, so the machine shop likely knew what they were doing.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
Having a sleeved block should not be anything to worry about. Most commercially available sleeves are centrifically cast ( did I spell that right?), and are actually STRONGER than the factory cast iron block, having less porosity too. If the block being sleeved isn't sleeved because of a cylinder crack, the water scare isn't an issue because the cylinder isn't bored into the water jacket to receive the sleeve. The sleeved cylinder is bored leaving a "step" before the bottom of the bore so that the sleeve can't move down in use for any reason, and is machined even with the deck on top ( usually the entire deck gets a minimal skim ).
It's done everyday so stop worrying.
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