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site referral link?
Is there a area on this site where I can enter a buddy's email address and he will be sent an invite to join our 7173 club? As a bonus does it automatically count as a referral on our stats?

If either answer is No, then can this feature be added to the site?


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Definitely a good idea, Don! I will see if I can find or create a plugin to do so...but in the mean time, if you visit your User CP ( USER CP > USER CP HOME ) You will find a link that you can copy and paste in an email to your friends! When they click the link and join the forum, you get credit for the referral! User CP button is right under the word Community in the forum header!

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there's a referral link in your profile that'll link them to the registration place and automatically fill in the referral section with your name.

is you click on user cp>user cp home
at the top of the forums, you'll see the link under the "your account summary" section at the top.

see the attachment

Rocketfoot- there's a plugin to do this if you want to add one:
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