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single caliper v 4 piston ?
what is the advantage of getting a 4 piston caliper or 2  over a single piston caliper if in not going to  to race or speed ,im not driving hard
Assuming the swept area is the same, not much. You might make the case for more even pad wear over a single piston sliding caliper. But, given what you said, save the money for other wants. Just my opinion, Chuck
wilwood replacement calipers are very pricey to replace if you need to . i found i disc conversion kit very reasonable with standard common rotors and calipers .easy to find and affordable to replace
That makes a lot more sense to me for what you are doing. Chuck
The single piston calipers in our cars are easy to rebuild yourself. As long as the caliper does not have rust damage to the bore you just clean it all up with steel wool and scotchbrite put in new seals and the most difficult part is getting the new dust boot back on. I have never seen a piston that was bad just needed a little cleaning. I use charcoal grill paint to paint them with holds up a little better. Always replace the bleeder valves also unless they are perfect. I put a tiny bit of never seize on the thread to keep them from locking up.
The pictures are of the car that sat for 25 years. He had put new pads and turned the calipers so I just took them apart, rebuilt calipers, ordered new pins and spring clips and shields for the pads. I painted with the charcoal grill paint and put them back on. Cleaned the rust off the calipers and they work like new. The rears were the same just cleaned and put back on. 
[Image: CAM_0091.jpg]

[Image: CAM_0094.jpg]

[Image: DSC_2236.jpg]

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I’m not sure there is an advantage to going with some crazy multi piston caliper.

A caliper with a piston or pistons on a single side must be floating. An advantage to this type is the side of the caliper with no pistons can be pretty compact, so you won’t run into issues where the caliper and the wheel center are trying to occupy the same real estate.

Calipers with pistons on both sides are mounted rigid and can be pretty bulky because of the piston / pistons on the wheel Center side.

Personally I think it is more of an aesthetic choice. Really all that counts is the surface area of the piston / pistons.
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