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Silver trim on quarter panels
does anyone know what this trim is for? Or what it is?
[Image: 1zmnzpv.jpg]
[Image: 289afcx.jpg]
[Image: 1io7y1.jpg]

The Plan
[Image: poh6w.jpg]
Aftermarket vinyl roof moldings
Kit Sullivan;215494 Wrote:Aftermarket vinyl roof moldings


Definitely not original. Here are a couple of the different aftermarket vinyl tops offered back in the day. First one looks just similar to what yours would look like installed.




1971 Boss 351
1972 Q code 4 speed convertible
Ray, if that silver '73 sportsroof is yours, I apologize in advance: that thing is hideous! Opera windows and half vinyl roof on a fastback?
I've never seen one like that. Like I said before, I can't believe what some people do to their cars. Sad

run_horse Run Horse Run!
John 72 Q Code
Is that what they mean when they say All pimped out? or up? or what ever? Did those opera windows come out of a Lincoln? It's really to bad because other then the roof it looks like a nice car.

Going fast is fun but life is short so slow down and enjoy the ride Big Grin Frank
Jase.Heuer;215493 Wrote:does anyone know what this trim is for? Or what it is?
[Image: 1zmnzpv.jpg]
[Image: 289afcx.jpg]
[Image: 1io7y1.jpg]

That trim is for the very rare full vinyl roof. I remember a guy at work had I think a 71 that had one that looked like leather and the trim also. Looks like your trim is aluminum.
I have attached a couple pictures in a word document of another one with the top still on.
I think the one I knew of was a special edition that was made for Texas. I would think your car might be a special edition also. They usually have crazy DSO numbers on the door and build tag under the hood more than just 2 digits.
Where is it located?
The factory never offered that particular style of trim for the vinyl roof. It may have been something 'authorized' to install by dealers, but to me that is just aftermarket.
I don't know if I would call a car with skinny white-walls, and poverty caps with no trim rings "all pimped out".

"Opera" windows were all the rage in the eraly 70's, thanks to Lincoln's use of them. Everybody embraced them for a few years after that. Many aftermarket companies installed them on any car you cared to bring to them, as well as vinyl roofs on anything you wanted to write the check for.

My mother's own '73 Mustang hardtop had round ones installed. I got used to them, so they didn't look too bad to me. Others may have thought differently.
Kit - Thanks for the apology but I am happy to report - that car is not mine!!

Not for me either! Smile


1971 Boss 351
1972 Q code 4 speed convertible
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