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Side Scoops
Just curious what people think of project pegusus: http://www.goolsbycustoms.com/projects/p...d-mustang/ ???
I personally think it's a pretty sweet project. They are doing some really cool mods to it, I don't think I'd want to take my car quite that far, but I am tossing around the idea of the side scoops for my coupe...any opinions??? I think they look nice and clean.
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"It's what you learn after you know it
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-Chip Foose
Yeah, I had been contemplating the idea of side scoops when my vert was being restored and I thought I´d go with the 70ies Shelby scoops but then I did not want to order something that would be impossible to make it fit, so I didn´t do it.
But I still like the idea and wonder what it would look like.......

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There was more I dis liked than like on that project but that whats makes this cool it yours and as long as you like it who cares. There are a lot of folks who don't like some of the stuff I have done but until they start footing the bill I could care less.
The Pegasus car is done, I saw it at a local show in August. Very nicely done, but it is a little "overdone" on some things to my taste at least...

I can see the side scoops adding to the lines nicely, although I won't attempt it. Confused
On the caliber of restoration and mods your doing I say yes go for it. I do think Pegasus is a little over the top.
Thanks for the input. I completely agree with those of you who said Pegasus is a little "too much" or "over the top". I'm also a huge proponent of make it the way YOU want it. After all, when it's done you're the one who has to drive it and see it in the garage all the time. I'm still up in the air on this one...definitely shaving the drip rails, handles, fender & quarter parking lights, flush mounting the front and rear glass, flush mounting my tail lights, and flush mounting a new edge "bullitt" gas cap in the stock '71 location...I don't want to cross the line into "too much" and don't know if this one last major body mod would put me over the edge or not??? I do like the way it looks, what does everyone think??? With all the other body mods mentioned would it be "too much" or "just enough" ?

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"It's what you learn after you know it
all that counts."

-Chip Foose
I think your rite on target with your mods and the Pegasus side scoops would be the icing on the cake.
I personally think Pegasus is the Creme dela Creme of all 7173 Mustangs past present and future. IMHO not over the top, but done to perfection. I can't imagine it getting any better than Pegasus. I say go for it!
Personally, I think they took a perfectly good '71 Mach 1 and f00ked it right the Hell up. About the only thing I actually DO like about the Pegasus are the side scoops. OK, that and maybe how they worked the bumpers into the bodywork... but otherwise - they did nice work (if ya can't say something nice...).


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Some very interesting mods that they did.....not something I'd want to do , but I can appreciate the work they put into it.

As for the side scoops....go for it those I did like!

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