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Should i worry about the oil light
So i recently changed the oil in my mustang and i noticed today that the oil light is on in the dash cluster. Yesterday it was only coming on when i was idling and now it kicked on and stayed on after about 3 miles of driving. I have aftermarket gauges and when riding around it has the oil at 60 and the engine temp at 200 like always. Should i just ignore the light because its probably just a faulty sensor?
Mine did same thing. My mechanical gauge says 40-60 so I unplugged idiot light.

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Would this be the replacement part?


Whats currently on the back of the motor looks differant
The hole in the end gets clogged sometimes, pull it, and clean it before buying another one...could save you a buck or two.
That link shows the unit for the stock electrical gauge. The one for the idiot light is here:

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