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Shorty headers for my 429
I have read a few of the "shorty" posts and would like to see what is actually available. Could anyone refer a particular brand and any other details. The current Hedmann headers I have are mashed on the bottom due to the previous owner sticking a big block in an engine compartment that had an original Q-Code---never changed or replaced any of the original suspension, springs or shocks...tragic, but some people forget about details.

I am open to suggestions....and the engine is not a CJ---looks to have come out of a 70 or 71 TBird

I'm looking to get some from FPA very soon:
I might get the CJ size ports in case I upgrade from my 4v passenger car heads in the future. Someone on the 460 forum checked and the CJ flanges will seal on the 4v head.
I have FPA headers on mine.Only way to go in my opinion,unless you like smashed headers.They are very well built and fit good.
I finally rang Stan at FPA last night & placed my order. CJ flanges with resto dark gray ice coating. About $930 shipped to Florida. Considering the plummet in value of the £ on announcement that we will eventually leave the EU, these are going to cost me plenty! I have to pay for them to be shipped to UK then pay tax & import duty. I figured they are a once in a lifetime header so what the heck.
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