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hey all, just picked up a 71 coupe with a 351c in it, sounds nice. here is my ? The car came factory with a 6 cylinder in it. The shocks are all shot and are going to be replaced. Can I replace with factory shocks to keep original or do I need to up grade to coil over do to the weight. the guy before had air ride in back and regular struts up front. I'm guessing the air shocks are for weak leafs springs and if new shocks don't work I'm upgrading leafs not air ride. Advise.
If the PO didn't upgrade the front springs and the front end is too low I would get the correct coil springs (for a 351) from Eaton. Also, get Eaton springs for the rear. Too many forum members have had ride height problems with springs of unknown manufacturers. You can search the forum to find out what others like, like a 4 and a half spring pack for the rear.

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Welcome Chris.
I agree with Don C on this. Speaking from my own experience only, if you want to stay stock, buy from Eaton Detroit Springs. I went the aftermarket route and regretted it. Not going down that rabbit hole right now, but if you call or email Eaton, they will help get you correct back and front springs for the engine and trans etc now in your car. I went 4 1/2 leaf rear springs from Gab-A-Trak (Scott Drake) on my Mach 1 and they're way too high, needed to add lowering blocks. I love the extra support the 4 1/2 leaf give me along with zero spring wrap-up, but I'm definitely considering scrapping them for Eaton's custom rear springs. I actually reinstalled my original front springs that were still in spec.
For shocks, I went with KYB Gas-A-Just all around and way bigger anti sway bars. In a Coup, you may not need that sort of aggressive set-up, but I like the way it takes corners..... hard!

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