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Shipping an engine?
My crate engine sold pretty quick but I have to ship it to New Mexico...no big deal, buyer is paying for freight and I can ship from work but what is the best way to ship it?  I have a Speedway Engine Cradle but I guess I need to figure out how to fasten it to a skid and build a crate around it for protection.  I also need to have room for the headers and other accessories in the crate.

Just looking for some ideas of how to build a safe create for shipping??
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Call Don of OMS, he shipped mine from Ohio to California
and cost me less than $400 door to door.

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pallet, carriage bolts, metal straps, lots of bubble wrap,5 1/2 inch thick pieces of plywood and some 2x4 reinforcements, done? That's how I get large platform technical equipment delivered to me. Its a lil bit of a bear to open, and you have a lot of spare wood when its done but it works. ( assuming you already have the transport stand)
Hi, make sure to reinforce the pallet below the stand. I had an engine shipped to me and it was collapsed. And bolt it in good, shippers can be rough. You may be able to get a used crate if you call around, anyone build inboard engine boats in your area?. Also I have brought big stuff to R&L carriers terminal. If one is near you call ahead, get a better deal and pretty painless. Good luck
Paste a 1/2" or 3/4" piece of ply on top of a pallet in good condition. Bolt the engine cradle to the pallet with large fender washers. Build the crate around the engine with 1/2" ply and 2x4 or 2x3. Make sure to bag the engine well in case of water intrusion.

You might be able to locate a used crate by trolling the local business parks, or search for trade show display builders. The show crates get beat up pretty quickly and they might have some old stuff kicking around.

What I have done in the past is build a heavy pallet platform that can accept a pallet jack. The platform has to be big enough so that nothing overhangs the sides and reinforced so the floor won't twist or bend when lifted with the jack. I used 4" lumber for the platform with a 3/4" plywood floor I used 2xwhatever works (10"?) to build a box to support the engine around the oil pan. Brace this at all 4 corners so it doesn't split or tip. The engine will sit on the 2x at the oil pan flange. This leaves room for headers and accessories. I sink eye bolts into the meaty part of the pallet and strap the engine down using the eye bolts, and a crossing pattern of ratchet straps. Then you can build a plywood box to encase the whole works. 3/8" plywood should be sufficient for the sides and top. There should be enough room to pack any additional bits as long as you screw them down to the floor or low on the box/cover.

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