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Shipper needed
I figured to ask here if anyone knows a transporter  to bring a car from Alabama  to NJ. I already have it on uship
Text me 347-770-4983
(04-07-2019, 01:28 AM)waterlife Wrote: I figured to ask here if anyone knows a transporter  to bring a car from Alabama  to NJ. I already have it on uship
Text me 347-770-4983

Whoever you use require that pictures be made before loading and check the vehicle before you unload it. When I shipped my 73 vert from California to NC I paid extra for it to be top load in case it rained or bad weather also to keep oil from dropping for other cars. Well it came and was on bottom row. The rear bumper was rubbing on the frame of the truck also and had marred the rubber strip. I had taken picture before unloading. I signed the papers and unloaded and then the D&*% driver would not do anything about the damage. He said as soon as I signed the papers he was clear. Never got any money back for not being on top either. I have just gone and got the last two in Michigan.
Seems like nobody does what they say just take your money and run.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
All these haulers are from the same mold. I bought my truck, a Diesel, and had it hauled from the Midwest. It had dual fuel tanks and both were drained to below E when I got it. I was afraid i wouldn't make it to a station before sucking it dry.

I called the seller and he said that he made sure there was a 1/4 tank of fuel in each tank before shipping. But he did notice that the haulers truck was a Diesel and we figured that he just siphoned the fuel out.  

I also found a damaged used battery and other junk in the bed, that wasn't there when the seller saw it last.

I think that there are "Classic Car Haulers" that are probably worth the money for a valuable ride.

73 ragtop, 1999 Mustang Bright Atlantic Blue Paint, Phoenix Engine 302-335HP,  Edelbrock Carb & Performer manifold; c4 with 2000 stall and shiftkit; 3:55 auburn limited slip differential, Hedman shorties; Car Chemistry Exhaust

Classic Air; Tilt Steering Wheel; 1999 Chrysler Sebring bucket Seats ; power windows;
I shipped my Mustang from LA to Detroit with Reliable Carriers in an enclosed hauler and stored inside until I picked it up. No worries about it getting damaged. Great company and who I'd chose if ever I bought another Mustang of similar quality. If it were a "rust bucket", I'd probably save some cash and ship it on an open trailer.

I learn something new every day!
I once had a nightmare situation with transport of a gorgeous 429CJ 71 Bright red/red 4spd car from California to AL. The car was absolutely zero rust, flawless body. It took a week to get the car. It showed up at my subdivision at 11PM with me having to get up early the next morning for work. It was ice cold outside, February, something like 20 degrees and high winds. The driver was Chinese and didn't speak English. I took a flashlight to look under the car before it was taken off the truck, To my disgust, the lower frame rails had 3" rips on both sides forward to the drain holes, and the chain hooks were ripping into them. The idiot who loaded the car had tied the car with chains to the small drain holes in the lower rear frame rails. I surmised from his broken English that as he was driving from California the car kept coming loose so he kept tightening the chains, thereby ripping the frame rails. Those holes were never intended for that purpose. It was an open carrier as I had never before had a problem with such. I yelled at the driver and took pictures, but as I had gone through a broker, there were so many people in the loop that I ended up having to drop the issue and "live" with it. I "JB welded over the rips and redrilled the drain holes. No real signs of the repair. Sold the car later to a guy in NC for WAY too cheap, and the car went through auction in CA for twice what I got for it!

1F03M, Maroon Metallic, Black Dlx, Black Top, A/C, Tach, Posi, Magnums
1F03M, Grabber Lime, White, White Tp, A/C, CA Car
1F03M, Maroon Metallic, Wht Dlx, Wht Tp, PW
1F03M, Black, Wht Dlx, Wht Tp, Tach, Posi
1F03M, Pewter, Blk Dlx, Blk Tp, 4-Spd, A/C, R/A, Tach, Mgnms
1F03M, Bright Blue, Blue Dlx, Wht Tp, 4-Spd, Decor Grp
2F03R, Grabber Blue, Wht Dlx, Wht Tp, Dcr Grp, Tach, etc.
2F03R, Bright Blue, Wht Dlx, Wht Tp, Dcr Grp, Tach, etc.
2F03Q, Red, Wht Dlx, Wht Tp, Rim Blow, A/C, Tach, Conv. Grp, Dcr Grp, Side Stripes, Mgnms,PW
2F03Q, Red, Red Dlx, Blk Tp, Rim Blow, A/C, Tach
2F03Q, Bright Lime (Orig. Gold Glow), Blk Dlx, Blk Tp, A/C, P/W, Tilt, Conv. Grp, Dcr Grp
2F03Q, Grabber Blue, Wht Dlx, Wht Tp, 4-Spd, Tach, A/C, Dcr Grp, Stripes, Mgnms, PW
3F03Q, Gold Glow, Blk Dlx, Blk Tp, 4-Spd, Tach, Dcr Grp, Stripes,Tu-Tone Hood, Frgd Whls
3F03Q, Blue Glow, Blue Dlx, Wht Tp, 4-Spd, A/C, Tach, Dcr Grp, Stripes, T-T Hood, Frgd Whls, PW
3F03Q, Gold Glow, Ginger Dlx, Blk Tp, 4-Spd, Tach, Dcr Grp, Stripes, T-T hood, Frgd Whls 
3F03Q, Copper Metallic, Ginger Dlx, Blk Tp, 4-Spd, Tach, Dcr Grp, Stripes, T-T Hood, Frgd Whls
And 8 more verts, 2 Boss 351s and 1 M-code Mach I's! Tongue 
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