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Shaker Hood
Has anyone adapted a '70 shaker to a 71-73 and did it look good? Just curious

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I saw one done with the flat hood, not the ramair hood. Looked okay.
Might look better with the Torino shaker. The Torino version comes to more of a point to match the center crease on the standard hood.

[Image: 1971-1972-1973-ford-mustang-8.jpg]

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[Image: Torino-shaker.jpg]

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[Image: DSC_0266xsm.jpg]
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Shaker hood would not look good going thru a ram air hood.

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I've seen it done. I did not like the look. Chuck
Does not look good at all on the 71-73.   

Why?  We have the longest hood of any of the Mustangs.  The exit point of the shaker just does not match the flow of the car based on the forward extension of the hood.

If you want a shaker, go Torino or 69-70 Mustang.  They look awesome there!

Some might not realize that the pic that Rackerm posted is an actual Ford picture in prototype stage. Note the date on the floor. All of the prototype pics have the date posted. I think the earliest prototype pic I have see of 71 was dated 67 or 68. They had to work so far ahead back then due to not having all the computers.
So Ford did consider putting on on them. Someone shot it down and went with the NASA hood instead.

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I think that 1969 prototype would have been pretty cool if it had been an option. Yes the hood is a bit too long, but by now we would have seen it all these years and been used to it. It only works on that type of hood. I love the shaker style hood scoop. I had a '79 Trans Am 400 4 speed and those all had a shaker hood scoop which was closed off at the back. After '72 they were closed off due to noise and/or fuel vapor emissions issues. The entire shaker air cleaner assembly was there and it wasn't just cosmetic. I used a Dremel tool to carefully open the back of the shaker and that thing sucked a ton of air. Sounded great with the t-roofs removed. Did not have the solenoid and the flap that opened and closed automatically, so I made a flat black aluminum plate that fit in the opening perfectly if I wanted to close it off manually during bad weather.
Here are a couple pics, but not of the one I remember seeing. These are both from the fordramair.com website.

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I agree that if it had been done back in the day we'd be used to it by now, but to me it just looks out of place and like you wished you'd bought a '70 instead. If you really want something unique, I would say modify an aftermarket ram air hood to look like a '69/'70 Shelby hood. That's something I could envision if Ford would have had Shelby's in the US in '71.

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