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Severe flooding issues
The other day I tried to start my 1971 351 Cleveland it flooded. I left it over night and tried to start it again the next day. When I did I notice fuel comming out of the tail pipe. I pulled the dip stick and there was fuel in the oil. I pulled the breather off and saw a pool of fuel on the intake. I have a Edlebrock carb with an electric choke and have had issues with it in the past. Should I replace the carb? Is it a fuel pump issue? I would appreciate any advice!
Sounds like seat and needle and float has gone bad.I would definitely pull the carburetor to see if any debris has lodged in the needle an seat area. Also, check the float for fuel saturation.


mustang7173 Thankyouyellow
Change that oil ASAP!
The gas in the oil is going down past the rings, washing the cylinders for your next startup... not to mention diluted oil for your bearings.

Don't wait.

Mustang7173 is right. Check out or replace the needle and seat/float.
Once thinking it was an old wives tale, I once had a carb with a porous body. It was a Quadrajet, but still has the same bowl design as a Edelbrock. The aluminum is/was actually leaking due to crappy casting, and would leak the bowl dry into the intake overnight. Morning startup required cranking for something like exactly 6 seconds to refill the bowl and light the engine.
Once filled, the engine would literally fire immediately when cranking.

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i think you have a few issues going on. fuel in the oil usually means the fuel pump has a torn diaphragm. or it could mean you are flooding the cylinders with fuel and the rings are very worn out allowing the fuel to get into the crank case.

anytime you have a questionable carb i find i best to remove and replace it with a known good carb, this is for diagnostic purpose to see if the problem is just coming from a carb.

you have past problems so i would personally lean towards a carb replacement but that might not solve some other issues.
A lot of guys love edlebrocks. I do not like them on 71-73 cars due to the transmission kick down on the automatics and the throttle cable alignment. Holleys work much better in the 71-73 engine bay due to configuration, that doesn't mean the holley itself is a better carburetor Holleys have problems of there own.

sticking with the edlebrock, it could have a stuck float or the float has sprung a leak filled with gas sank and that keeps the fuel bowl cut off from working the carb floods out and fuel spews out of the vent holes and onto the intake manifold.

you could have a lot of rust in the fuel system that will clog up the carb and make a float stick.

Fuel in the oil is not good. but you don't want to change the oil and have it reoccur. That means you want to inspect or replace the fuel pump. that is not a hard project to do and since you need to change the oil anyway, you will need to pull the oil filter and replace it as well, giving better access to the fuel pump replacement. if a fuel pump has a rip in the diaphragm it will pump fuel into the crank case, thin the oil and cause oil starvation on bearing surfaces due to viscosity changes.

If you change the oil and filter and pump and the oil becomes recontaminated then you know the problem is souly with the carburetor.
at the least you want to rebuild the carb and replace the floats in the bowls. it might be a good idea to disconnect the fuel line from the carb and crank the engine holding the fuel line in a bucket then inspect the fuel for rust particles, if you find a lot of junk floating in the fuel coming from the carb fuel line, you might be looking at a total fuel system rebuild. dropping the tank replacing fuel lines and senders in a effort to make sure all future fuel reaching the carb is 100% clean even with a fuel filter.
Fuel coming out of the tailpipe! I hope not since that is a lot of gas to make it that far through the exhaust system....more like a bomb waiting to go off.

Hopefully it's just some condensation with a gassy smell.....
It was the float! I replaced both.
keep a close eye on it because a fuel pump diaphragm leak does dump into the oil (Unless you use a marine fuel pump)

Good luck

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Mustang Ricky;131329 Wrote:It was the float! I replaced both.

Glad you got it figured out. You did change the oil and replace the oil filter, right?


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How bad is bad lol at least yours is good to go now unlike this guy

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