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Seven week wait is over...
Congratulations, that's a really great and original looking car! Well done :-)
[Image: 10-DFAEED-2-C67-4-BE2-93-CA-169-E317-C2-FA2.jpg]

[Image: 2-F1-CFE60-379-B-4-ADA-8-A36-CDAE8229-FB48.jpg]

I’m a sucker for originality... Pulled the air cleaner off for the first time since acquiring the car. You won’t find a more original set up for a driven car. Even the fuel filter is Motorcraft... The coil ink stamp is wearing, but I believe it to be the original.

Motorcraft heater hoses (to the heater core) with mostly original tower clamps still in place. The rad hoses have been changed. The carb identification tag speaks for itself. The ignition wires are Motorcraft, I forget how to read the date code on them (they do start with a "2") , so not sure; they might be original....You can see the engine build tag under the coil. I confirmed the that this is the original #’s matching engine, which has never been apart.

By ‘73, Ford was starting to load these engine’s up with emission control components and this engine is no exception. Being a California delivered car, it came with the “optional” California emission’s option at a cost of $13.87... Just a great original car that I might have slightly overpaid for in some people’s opinion. However, I save $1000’s in not having to track down the missing pieces, the cost to restore (been there done that...).
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(10-27-2019, 07:29 AM)7173Vert Wrote:
(10-25-2019, 09:50 PM)BeerDontCount Wrote: Looks nice! Glad it lived up to your expectations.

 I like your car too. Hope it has been a good car for you. It was reliable for the two year’s I owned it, but I only put about 1K miles during that time...
The car has been great!  Everything I hoped it would be.
WOW, what a nice and clean find, a time capsule  Bravo


Would like to see more pictures of it as a reference, especially the trunk area. Have seen a small photo of it and it seems to be very original with all it's overspray and speckled paint. Is it all original or well done?


Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly Angel
Wow , what a great looking engine bay! Can you post more photo's from the california emisions system. My car came with this as well... and is missing. Interesting to see that the valve covers have the "powered by Ford" logo. I always thought the 73 only had a "Ford" logo on the covers. Is it an early 73 or maybe a very late production?

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