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Serpentine Belt Kit
Anyone here have one on their 351's? If so who's are you using and what did it cost? I'm trying to decide if it's worth it or not? Is it more of a looks thing or is it's function? If it's function is it worth the added cost?
Because reverse rotation water pumps aren't available for Clevelands two additional idler pulleys are required to turn the pump in the right direction with the grooved side of the belt. So, to me it would be an appearance thing rather than function. Two more idlers equals more friction from both the pulleys and the belt, as well as two more potential failure points.

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I have the billet specialties kit. I got it for looks, the 100amp alternator, modern A/C compressor, water pump and p/s pump. It's a complete kit with new timing cover, at Summit they retail for $2500.00, got mine brand new on craigslist for $900.00. Have yet to install it.


I use the Glimmer belt kit :-)

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