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Sequential Tailights For My '73
Hi to all,

Just wanted to give feedback on my recent install
of sequential lights for my '73 Convertible.(Check out
Mustang Project)

All i can say is WOW!Tongue They really look fantastic
at the back when you turn.All good, nothing bad.

Easy to install,very good indicating speed of flash,
(faster than the old system),much brighter than
regular bulbs,and the LED'S run cool.

On the downside, they are not cheap to buy,and
for our Mustangs you don't get a center light flash,
because of the reverse light setup.

Conclusion is for me, not cheap, but well worth the
money for the cool look and performance you get.
Thumbs up on this one!Smile

Austin Vert.

Pictures, Video! Worthless unless we can see it in action.
RacerX;83483 Wrote:Pictures, Video! Worthless unless we can see it in action.

As i said in my post above, if you go and checkout
the 'MUSTANG PROJECT' website you will find very good
real life video and picture examples of the exact
71-73 tailights in action. Also it will tell you about the various products available etc etc.

On that basis, i did not feel the need to provde a video of the
finished result as the website will show you what the lights
look like in action.

Austin Vert.Smile

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