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Sequential tail lights - best I've seen so far...
Both of the flashers in my '73 were behind the glove box liner. Hazard flasher just to the inside left, & the turn signal was hanging from above, just right of center.

You will have to remove both tail light assemblies, and pry the lens from the plastic housing, and basically sandwich the LED panels in between them. The kit comes with a 'cut to fit' seal that adheres to the inside edge of the housing. This seal is different from the light assembly to body seal.

This is also the perfect time to get all of the factory goop cleaned off & put fresh tail light to body seals on.

I just used a hair dryer to warm up the factory glue, & an old thinned down metal scraper to gently start prying them apart.
I'll try to post some pics of the install instructions a little later.
Here are the installation instructions

[Image: EPSON008.jpg]

[Image: EPSON009.jpg]

[Image: EPSON010.jpg]

[Image: EPSON011.jpg]

[Image: EPSON012.jpg]

[Image: EPSON013.jpg]
thank u skeet for info.
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