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security system
The Ravelco is a cool product - big $$$
Take the coil to distributor wire off the car when you park it.

As noted, if they really want it, they will take it. Thing is, these days it's probably more profitable to take something more modern from the lot instead of an uncommon vintage car. I've driven my 73 vert 30K miles in the last 20 years to shows and events throughout NY, Vermont, Pa, Ohio, even to Nashville for the 40th in 2004 when vintage stangs were in a really hot market and although theft was a concern, the more serious problem was finding a safe parking spot where it has the best chance of not being dinged / scratched / dented by some uncaring (or intentional) jerk who parks 6 inches away and slams their door / suitcase / whatever into your car because they can.
Sorry all - tied up for a bit. Thanks to all for the tips and info!
had a kill switch in mine for a time when  i got off the freeway buy my house and hit the bump at the bottom of the off ramp too fast it would kill the car   not fun  Big Grin
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