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Seatbelt Restoration
Received my restored original seatbelts from Snake-Oyl for my '71 vert restoration. Pleased with the end results. Would recommend, not cheap but the end product is worthy of a restoration quality install.

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.jpg   vert 71 original as removed Seat belts(2).jpg (Size: 96.56 KB / Downloads: 78)
.jpg   Seatbelts restored.jpg (Size: 99.25 KB / Downloads: 79)
He has been doing it a long time and is very skilled, worth the money to me.
Ken, those belts look great! I'm always a little nervous when I suggest a vender to someone. That's the one time the train will jump the tracks and "Murphys Law" takes over. After months of searching I could not find any NOS seatbelts for my boss's 67 Mustang GT. Sent the original belts to Snake-Oyl and the restored units we received looked so good he thought I had found some at Ford. The had even replaced the Ford safety certification labels and had the proper date codes.


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!
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