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Seat Springs
Does anyone have a picture of how the seat springs attach under the front seats. The ones that return the seat
[Image: seattrack.jpg] [Image: seattrack2.jpg] Got these from shop manual

[Image: 2zdx09d.png]
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Thank you
Tnfastbk;45049 Wrote:Thank you

Can you post an actual picture of the springs installed on the seats. Bit hard to see how the LONG spring connects.


Guys, This may help. Chuck

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c9zx;106055 Wrote:Guys, This may help. Chuck

Awesome Chuck helps quite a bit. In the back is the long spring connecting to the frame at one of the Hog ring holes?

BDK yep it is. I just did mine. 2nd hole from the side.


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
c9zx;106055 Wrote:Guys, This may help. Chuck

Chuck is getting slow. 20+ minute turnaround time.

[Image: 11jmcuc.png]
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Wolverine;106100 Wrote:
c9zx;106055 Wrote:Guys, This may help. Chuck

Chuck is getting slow. 20+ minute turnaround time.

Cool, just the information I was looking for. Thanks guys, Chuck and Steve...

No problem!


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
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