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SCJ value
recently purchased a 1971 Scj Mach1 , complete project no motor or trans , Vins are all present been off the road since 1978 so looks solid. has been taken apart so its missing A LOT of stuff. only have bill of sale and going to prob start the legwork on getting the title issued. what is a Scj shell project car worth if i decide to sell. Its a auto car 3.91. Thanks in advance
Missing a lot of stuff is a huge money pit. There is a post here like yesterday, m code auto mach 1 shell, painted nice missing a lot of stuff. He listed it for just under 5k. The shell seems way above average, and has motor, trans and final drive, but has water damage.

Look at that post, compare yours . I do not believe the SCJ is worth a ton more than a m code mach1. That said, to complete yours as a SCJ, the costs involved to replace missing parts, goes up a ton more.

Without your car being a numbers matching engine, transmission and body it kills the value. Most say by at lease 50%. Getting a title is not a big thing here in N.C. you have to go to DOT and file the paperwork have a DOT officer come inspect the VIN# run it for being stolen and then there is a period of time you have to wait and they will issue you a new title. Is your dash VIN plate still in the car? Door sticker present? Marti can supply both but the metal VIN tag in the dash is very pricey. Friend paid $500 for one for a 67 428 CJ car. I think the door sticker is $35.00 with a Marti report.
If you try to locate all the parts you will spend a fortune on parts and have difficult time finding some and the car will never be numbers matching unless you got lucky enough to find original engine and transmission.

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You'd spend a TON trying to put it back to close to original, and it still would not be "numbers matching" even if you could find everything you needed, such as date-correct block, trans, manifolds, air cleaner, etc.  Those little detail items add up in a hurry and cost a bunch of $$$.  Many items are not reproduced also.  

If it was my car and I was going to build it, I'd build it without an emphasis on originality and just have fun with the car.

1971 J-Code Owner
As others have noted, it'll take a ton of cash to get it to "original" condition.

Lots of these cars out there are non-numbers matching - stuff happens - especially to high performance drivetrains.

Has it been stored indoors? If not, it's likely to have developed leaks and rodent infestation, cowl drains plugged by leaves and rodents, which all means rusted floors under carpet, etc.

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