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SCJ Car Value
recently purchased a 1971 Scj Mach1 , complete project no motor or trans , Vins are all present been off the road since 1978 so looks solid. has been taken apart so its missing A LOT of stuff. only have bill of sale and going to prob start the legwork on getting the title issued. what is a Scj shell project car worth if i decide to sell. Its a auto car 3.91. Thanks in advance
Usually you can use the 10X's your money rule.

IE A guy finds a buy on craigslist/friend/family member $1000.00 Can resell for $10K just by advertising correctly, listing on Ebay.
Guy that "buys the project" for $10K (though he has to invest 5 times that) to restore........wants $100K (10X his money)

I had a friend in the 80's that would buy projects for under $500 often, wash off and put on his front lawn. He always doubled his money without any investment of time or money. I would buy the same style cars, put put $2K and a year off work often only to get $2500 when I was done!

P.S. There is an old saying "you make money on the buy" !! Same is true for new cars, IF YOU ARE UPSIDE DOWN , you are upside down!
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