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Scissor lift
Does anyone have experience with using a scissor lift with our cars?
 Pros vs cons. Things to look out for? Recommendations?
I have found a used one from a private seller that has been offered to me. I hesitate only because I realize that our cars can be sensitive underneath. Also not sure the acess will be much better than well placed jack stands.


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when u say scissor lift the first thing to come to mind is the scissor jack for tire change.. or the one that slides under the car and lifts the whole thing. if whole car lift ya i looked at them too. i guess the plus side is it picks up car all at once instead of jacking front and rear to put in jack stands... its the extra cost of a lift vs 15 minutes to jack up twice.. not a fan of the lift yet.
We had a scissor lift in our hobby garage for ten years and my buddy still uses it to this day. Is a great item for general maintenance, brake work, but exhaust and tranny work is a bit challenging. You do not have the access like a post lift, but you also don't need the clearance height. Undercarriage was not an issue, as the lift came with rubber pads. Like any lift, you have to be conscious of the balance point of the vehicle. We sometimes had to put 2x8s on each side to drive on to clear the undercarriage.

Always use the safety lock.

If you have the room, go with a post lift. If that is absolutely not an option, a scissor lift will be a big help.

+1 on Hemikiller's post. Good for steering, suspension, brakes, and lower panel body work. Worth the money to me. I used it a lot until I got a 4 post drive on lift. It still gets used occasionally. Chuck
For sure when you lift one of these rusty mustangs you have to be careful. Even when I lift my pretty much rust free vert with 2 post lift the doors will not shut easily. If you do not have the overhead clearance for a 2 post lift you might also consider digging a pit in your floor. My dad dug one in our old one car garage for me when I was a teenager. He felt sorry for me having to jack up my 1950 Ford with a bumper jack and put concrete blocks under the wheels so I could change transmissions, clutches and rears. It was dug 4 concrete blocks deep and worked great. Could sit under there and work. Had a plywood and 2X4 cover to close it up when not needed. That is why most oil change places use a pit instead of a lift much faster and easier.
If you go with the scissor lift you should at least give it a try before purchase. make sure it is for car not motorcycle or lawn mower.

I went to auction at a automotive service center and the scissor lifts went for $50 - $60 a front end alignment lift with all the laser heads was only $350 and it had a lift went to about waist high. At another auction 2 post lift went for $1,400 had been used like 6 times, that was too much for that. You can purchase new from $1,400 to $2,200 including shipping and a warranty.
I use my 2 post lift all the time even use it when washing the car and waxing, do not have to bend over. You do need to use blocks in the front end to prevent damage to suspension parts.

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