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Sand blasting convertible top frame?
I started working on my convertible top frame and was going to have it sand blasted and powder coated. As I take it apart it has a lot of stuff going on. Many joints/hinges with what look like very thin bushings. Has anyone else every done this or restored the frame by another means?

- Jim
I did this on a convertible top frame on a different car. It was a much less complex frame but I had to re-bush the entire frame. I disassembled the frame into its components and had them blasted and coated as pieces instead of one piece then reassembled with all new bushings since the ones on it were from 1962 and shot. If your bushings are still good you can disassemble and reassemble after blast and coat using the old bushings. Blasting with the bushings in place is not a good idea, too many little places for sand to hide. The bushings were a VERY tight fit after due to the thickness of the new powder coat.
I've media blasted my frames on my 73 and 69, but used urethane enamel. Looks good, but allows the frame to function very well without any binding that may occur from the powder coating.
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