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Saginaw 800 Power steering Box rebuild
I'm in the process of rebuilding a variable ratio box code SPA AF, on inspection the box is good with minimal wear except for the 24 recirculating balls, they are pitted and lost there chrome finish due to water ingress probably
I'm finding it hard to tell the chrome from the black balls,  I've been searching this thread regarding ball diameters it seems that 0.28125 or 9/32 is the standard size, the black balls i think are .28141 from reading this thread.

I did a Google on .28141 and found a Cadillac 1963 power steering pdf, below is a snip from it. 
[Image: ball-size.jpg]

 the full pdf is from here https://4door.com/manuals/cadillac/1963/...eering.pdf

You would think they would offer the dimensions of both colours?

Regarding the image above under NOTE, my rack piston only say 282 no other markings, do you think that this means standard size 7 balls. 
what is the type/hardness for these when buying replacements?
Are the black balls the same material or are they any different, I'm in the UK, i can get hold of the 9/32 0.28125 easily enough but the .28141 are much harder to come by .28141 seems to equate as a fraction 28141/100000 that's a whole different level of ball size.

I'll try to measure them but I feel my cheap ebay digital verniers are not going to be accurate enough.
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