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Saginaw 800 Power steering Box rebuild
Not a good update at this time. I'm not having much luck getting the parts I want. I'm getting answers like "well, I know we had some, but we can't seem to find them"
One vendor has the 'E' size balls separately for a buck fifty each, but not the off size balls which are needed as well. It may be acceptable to use the smaller balls removed from the PS box as they will be slightly smaller, but not the way I want to go.
As for the seats, Green Sales has them as well as the 'kit' for the inlet (pressure) side. Quite reasonable as well. I waiting for them to send an order form.
So this is not going the way I'd hoped so far. No one seems to be in any rush to make a sale, taking their own sweet time to reply.
As for the 100, 9/32" I ordered, well I'm stuck with them as I can't return them, special order. I may be able to use some of them as the 'alternate' size ball and just order 12 of the 'E' size loose balls. I think that would be my only out if I can't find the correct sets.
…………. And the saga continues!!!!

I learn something new every day!
Getting larger balls is a bust!!
Not joking either. From all the leads I found, one can't find his balls, another just sold the last set (Hmm, I wonder who to?) and a third thought he had some, but only has the "X" balls in stock which are too small, standard 9/32" .2810" by all accounts. None of the rebuilders sell parts nor would offer any help other than, "buy a NEW box from me!"
I was able to buy 2 sets of tube seat. Pressure side with check valves, so that's been my only plus in all this.
The standard 9/32" I bought actually may be of some use. Out of the hundred, well 99 actually, 37 measured .2812" (equivalent to the original size) and 62 measured .2811" @ 70 degs. balls and mic.
 A set I removed from a parts PS box measure .2812" for the bright balls and .2805" for the dull ones, a difference of .0007" The problem is with new balls of the same size, there wouldn't be much if any difference in the free play.
 So people, if anyone else has info on getting a set (or two) of C5AZ3647-E balls .28141" PLEASE let me know.
What I learned today, was not good!

I learn something new every day!
(11-06-2018, 08:04 PM)Bentworker Wrote: https://precisionballs.com/

 Thanks for the link. I'll check them out. Someone must supply the balls needed to repair these PS boxes to the remanufacturers.
Question will be, will they supply small quantities.
Just got to ask I guess.

I learn something new every day!
(11-06-2018, 08:04 PM)Bentworker Wrote: https://precisionballs.com/

 This may be help to others. Bal-Tec, info@precisionballs.com, do have ANY size ball you want. They quoted me for .2814" Chrome Steel ball @ $1.74 each. That's quite expensive when you need 22 - 24 balls depending on the box you're rebuilding. On the other hand, if that's all we can get, then it's a bargain compared to buying a reman box for anywhere up to 500 bucks US, plus shipping.
Other info I got from a rebuilder was 99% of the time, they use .2814" balls for all of the 22-24 required, no smaller ball alternating. I thought that was interesting.
Anyway, as ALL the other leads to NOS stock have fizzled out, I have bitten the bullet and ordered 48 balls for the two PS boxes I have. The one in my car and the one on the bench. As I put these together, I will soon find out if I need to install the stock .2810 alternating with the .2814's That will be dependant on the pre-load readings I get at assembly. For now, I do not plan on spending more money on a quick ratio 12.7:1 conversion. but stick with the 16:1-13:1 variable ratio which to be honest, is good enough for normal driving. Getting the steering wheel play out is far more important to me so I can drive at 70 mph one handed with no worries.
The end!

I learn something new every day!
Well, not quite The End!
I just received my bigger balls! Stop laughing, but I'm still waiting for the new inlet and outlet seats. They're stuck in the damned postal strike, so who knows when I'll get them. I also received a 0-80 in/lb beam torque indicator. It's a Performance Tool M195 and was rated highly in a Best of 10 comparison test. I think it'll do the trick to get the preload set.
I still have to OD grind the sector shaft next week. After that, I can do a dummy run on a spare casting I have to figure out exactly what balls or combination I need to get the 8 in/lb max preload on the input and worm shafts. Still lots to learn and figure out and not something I'm going to rush...…… I got all winter!!

I learn something new every day!
I asked Red Head Steering Gear if they make a Quick Ratio gear for a 71-73 mustang and they actually do.

If anyone hasnt heard of them, they basically blueprint every steering gear. All of my fellow Bronco Drivers swear by them. I have been running one in my Bronco for years now and its the best feeling gear Ive had short of Rack and Pinion.

The part number for a Quick Ratio Box for our cars is 17500QW
They cost $381.

check them out.

[Image: 17500-600x456.jpg]

"I drank what?" - Socrates
Good link there jowens1126. (John?)
For me, it comes down to the friggin exchange rate plus high shipping cost to Canada. That box would cost me at least $550 Cdn all in. Besides, I enjoy the challenge of figuring out stuff like this rebuild I'm doing. It's not cheap either, I'll probably have a couple hundred Cnd in each of the two I'm doing and, like I said earlier, the variable ratio is good enough for the driving I do. Anything is better than the manual steering at 24:1 I took out!!
While we're talking remanufactured power steering boxes, there is a company in Columbus Ohio, Steer & Gear, who have been very helpful to me. Check them out also at www.steerandgear.com


I learn something new every day!
I dont have the nerves to attempt this kind of rebuild. Buying one, even if its twice as much is better for me. But if you have the skill and nerves of steel, this is an interesting build for sure.

I always wondered how these things worked.

"I drank what?" - Socrates
For those following this post, I just received the NOS seat kits I ordered, C5AZ3D728-A from Green Sales in Cincinnati Ohio. I was surprised to find it contains not only the inlet seat and check valve components, but also the outlet port seat. There are actually 2 different ones of these to replace an older style, depending on what the box had in it. I also ordered 2 x 374480-S seats for the outlet separately, so now I have spares.
Now I have all the components I need to rebuild both my PS boxes (or PS gear). I will regrind the sector shaft next week. Lucky me got called in to work for a week!!
I will be trying out different ball size combinations from .2805" to .2814" (and in between) to find the best preload as specified in the Ford manual. When done, I'll update my findings, but for now, it's on hold until it I get inspired to work out in the cold workshop...……. or wait for spring!
The other thing I'm pondering is to rig up a test stand, but for that I'll need a PS pump and an electric motor. Any thoughts?


I learn something new every day!
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