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Saginaw 800 P S box internal dimensions?
Recently, I been learning how to rebuild a Saginaw 800 PS box out of necessity after a so-called "expert" put my life in danger when he failed to redo a box he f'd up. I'll leave it at that.
I now have good safe steering, but I have a box of "parts" and I'd like to build up a 12.7:1 ratio if I can locate suitable donor parts. Bentworker has been a huge help with his article and PM advice, but as I started to check the castings I have, I'm concerned about the bore diameters for the rotational valve. (I think that is what it is called!). One casting appeared to be a lost cause as there were quite deep groves from the 3 Teflon ring seals. The second one was looking much better, very little wear and the one I'd use. Honing is NOT an option, but a light clean-up with 800 grit wet/dry and WD40 to remove varnish and very light scratches using what I call a whipper stick, a length of 1/4" drill rod, slit at the end so a small piece of emery or wet/dry can be inserted and used in an air tool. This is done very lightly and carefully of course.
What dumbass failed to do was to measure the bores before hand. This process will remove very little cast material, so I'm sure they are good, but my question is this; does someone have the ability to measure top and bottom of the bore of an untouched casting and get back to me soon?
Both my castings measure the same using only a telescoping bore gauge and micrometer. I can take then into my former work place and measure them accurately, but if someone comes back to me with the same dimensions I got, I'll know I'm good to go.
Without installing new O rings and Teflon seals on a rotational valve body, the old ones slip in a bit too easily for my liking, knowing how hard it was to insert the new seals on the box I just did. Currently there is a .014" size difference between the diameters of the bore and valve body and that seems a bit much to me. Perhaps both these castings are worn far more that I think. I've been unable to find any links to dimensional specs on the good ol' net.
Any help is appreciated.
The Ford manual doesn't list any spec for valve body to bore clearance. Sorry, no help. Chuck
(07-14-2018, 10:58 AM)c9zx Wrote: The Ford manual doesn't list any spec for valve body to bore clearance. Sorry, no help. Chuck

Thanks Chuck, I already looked in my manual with the same result, nothing.
More wondering if someone has a stripped box and can measure it.
As I said, both that I have measure within .0005" of each other at top and bottom where there is no contact with the rotator valve body seals, so I'm pretty sure they are close enough to what they should be. Just seems a lot of clearence to me.
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