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Rusty/rotted frame rails repair.
This is one way of dealing with a rotted front end, covering rails/aprons/shock tower replacement.

car was originally thought to need minor patch work.

rails were found to be rotted away under upper suspension arm.

this in turn revealed more rott, and also damage to the engine cradle from a previous accident, and the shock towers were also found to be damaged beyond repair.

the engine cradle and shock tower was taken from a 73 vert and installed into a 72. reproduction engine bay aprons were used. car was taken to bare metal where needed, metal work completed, then covered in etch primer, and semi black top coat, later more work was done to complete the engine bay clean up, striping the firewall and cowl area and repainting.


more can be seen here:
I bought a solid 72 shell to donate its front to my 71--then after a healthy eval of both cars the 72 became the car and the 71 became the donar lol--alot of work in those front ends eh--alot to keep straight
That's it?! Mine's in WAY worse shape... I'm thinking of just finding a new front clip and going from there.

Excellent work though - seeing the things done almost step-by-step like that is hugely helpful.

What did you do for new shock towers though? Mine are usable, providing I don't fine anything worse underneath (which I'm thinking I will), but I think they won't clean up that nice.


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
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