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Rust Encapsulator, Undercoating, etc
hey david, they aren't cheap, and you would have to build a reinforcement but.........it will fit a hood nose down, might have a tiny corner out but really pretty much all in
(02-08-2018, 01:09 PM)ITMike5.0 Wrote:
(02-08-2018, 12:34 PM)Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs Wrote: Soda blasting will cause you severe paint issues unless the proper steps are taken to kill the soda deposits on the metal. Plastic media is much better choice and never use sand or glass beads on a body part it will be scrap if you do.

How about blasting rusted areas with aluminum oxide?  Will that mess up body parts as well?  How about when blasting the underbody components such as crossmember, suspension components, etc.?
The only type media that can be used on exterior sheet metal is soda or plastic. NEITHER REMOVES RUST. Sand or aluminum oxide will hammer and warp the metal. Some blasters will tell you they can do it and not warp but they cannot. Take them a flat piece of metal and have them blast it and see what happens.
My friend with the restoration shop had customer on his own take a 240 Z and had it blasted. It is destined for the crusher now cannot be fixed....
You can blast under body like frame but is still stresses the metal and can twist even that metal. It is like thousands of ball peen hammers hitting the surface and stretching it on one side so that makes it warp and oil can. Dipping in chemical bath or molasses is only safe way to remove rust without warping. Chemical removes the sealer also.
There is no perfect way even if you find a NOS hood it will be rusty inside to some extent never painted inside. Do not let anyone tell you that you can blast and not warp it is a matter of physics equal and opposite reaction it warps.

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David, How about building a wood box a little larger than a hood and deeper than the thickness of a door or fender. Then line it with heavy plastic or a above ground pool liner. Would not need a bottom if the wood frame and liner were set on a hard flat surface. Could cover it with the same plastic liner to keep debris out.

Would this work?

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depends on the chemical makeup of the liner, gotta have the same properties as PVC, should work so long as the plastic is right, but also 75+ gallons is a lotta weight for wood to hold in without puncturing a liner.
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