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Russell SS Brake Hoses
Anyone ever installed these Russell Brake Hoses? I cannot fit these correctly it seems, the wheel can't even be straightened because hoses are way short. When I compare these to my old hoses they are 1" shorter. Also when I try to get it attached to the caliper I have to twist the other end about 45 degrees to attach to the frame. I bought a whole set including rear brake hose which fits fine.

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where your flex line attaches to the adapter it gets threaded in and that's it. so it make sense that u need to turn the caliper fitting. someone did a nice job replacing the bk line but wondering why it's pointed sideways and not down. and from pic u need a longer line too.
Where the hell is your strut rod?

They might not seem so short if your strut rod is in and you have a few degrees of caster pulling the spindle towards the front of your car.

If you decide to round bin them and want to go custom look up my thread, I used Crown.
delawarebill, I don't quite understand what you are saying!
bentworker, my strut rods are in the chrome shop being re-chromed. But even with the strut rods installed before, the brake lines seemed to be too short even though these are for a 71 with disc brakes according to Virginia Classic Mustang.
I have the Russel lines on my 71 and they fit fine. They were a little bit shorter than the rubber units, but no problems. Make sure you have the calipers on the correct sides, the bleeder screw must face to the rear of the car, not straight up.

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