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Running rough
So the Mustang would start right up, high idle for a minute, then die - not to be restarted until completely cold again. I figured choke but after a lot of messing around, no luck. I was able to keep it running with constant attention to the throttle and when warm, it calmed down and idled. So out to the street and...then the flu hit - out the carb and out the exhaust. Quite a mess and lots of noise.

I figured a full tune up was in order but I had to get it running first. Started with the plugs - that was it. First plug out was cracked. All were well over .035 (maybe as high as .050 in some cases) black from the too rich setting on the choke that I fixed when messing around. All eight in and it started right up, high idled, and ran like a beast. Timing was still on and dwell was fine. Plugs alone caused all of the various problems. I never really noticed that it was running rougher but the slow degrading of the plugs finally caught up with me.

[Image: 1673if.png]
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