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Rough day...I think it's time to put in the 2 weeks notice
After 7 years of working in the wireless (cell phone) industry, I think it's time to move on. When you stay in one place for so long, and work with leadership that has not assisted in helping you grow in your career, it motivates you to look elsewhere. That's kind of where I am at and I have been seeking other points of interest here in southern, California. Anything from; marketing coordinator, film industry, government jobs, and more....I don't have specifics in mind, but I fortunately have a good job lined up to get me by for the time being....If any members have connections in this area, feel free to PM me.

Thanks in advance.
Good luck with the new job! I don't know of anything off hand in the area right now but I can ask a couple of my buddies who are still out there if they know of anything.

2013 Ford Focus SE Flex Fuel 5spd - Daily Driver
I in the same position as you, been with company 8 years, same thin over and over, no new benefits, no new pay, no growth except big wigs pockets. I gave my 2 weeks 2 days ago. Have a much better job lined up.

Good luck with the switch.
Thanks guys...and yes, MechEng, if you hear of anything, just shoot me a PM. Thanks.
I'd say you need to work in the field of marketing in some way. You have mentioned how successful you've been in promoting the products that vendors have donated to your Mach 1 restoration. That has required you to contact and sell your project to many different companies. I think you would be miles ahead to get a job along those lines... If you are already there - then good for you and keep looking for different opportunities. Many car related manufacturers have a presence in California.

So basically I am saying use those connections you have already established.

Good luck.


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1972 Q code 4 speed convertible 
1971 Mustang Sportsroof  351-2V FMX 
1973 Mach 1 (parts car)
Being a business owner for many years, I may have a differing opinion.

Instead of working for someone for 7 years, and then being discouraged that your boss(es) do nothing " to assist you" in growth and promotions...why don't you take it upon yourself to be proactive in your work performance and be the kind of employee that is obviously more valuable to the company than the other employees you work with.
"Seven years" means nothing today, longevity does not translate into profits.
Results, productivity and good employee relations get you ahead in any job.
No boss is required ( or should be) to help make an average or mediocre employee gain promotions or raises. The employee needs to find and take advantage of opportunities within the system as they present themselves.

That has been my personal work ethic my whole life, and it has served me well. I typically was one of the higher-paid if not highest paid employee in every job I have ever had...and based ONLY on my work performance. God knows it wasn't my "winning personality"!

I employee roughly 45 full-time and 20 part-timers. I am CONSTANTLY dealing with employees who call in "sick" every Saturday after partying Friday night, beg to leave early, ask for days off wjth little or no appropriate notice, are chronically late to work and typically just drag thier feet through thier work day.
At week's end, these are typically the very same employees who complain about how small thier paychecks are.

I have several hard-working, loyal and productive employees, and I pay them well. The others complain they don't make as much, yet typically produce a 1/4 to a 1/3 of the results...go figure.

I absolutely guarantee you 100% that there is not an employer anywhere that will not pay you more than you think you deserve if you were the best employee there.
No employer ever wants to lose great people, and will alway pay a fair wage to keep them.

The problem is mediocre employees: Not really bad enough to fire, but certainly not good enough to promote or give a raise to. These are the ones that I can't wait to hear say " Hey boss, I got some bad news for ya..."
Not every situation is the same. I've worked my ass off to reduce inventory, decrease labor, over reach my sales goals on a year on year basis. I've received no raise, and even higher goals, well I'm sorry but I've sacrificed many things to turn this store into the top ranked in the state.
To believe every employer thinks like you do is blasphemy. There's simply business owners that don't care about anything other than their own wallets. I've repeatedly asked in front of him half-assed broken crap that needs to be replaced and I've made a way to make it work so we can keep pushing cars trough. "Well it works" is the response, as he's more worried about buying .22 ammo for the apocalypse.
Sorry find someone else to manage your store the way I have for less than 24k yr.

Sorry it does strike a nerve when people act as your mediocre and that's why you have issues with work.

First world problems I guess.
A business owner or manager isn't responsible for insuring those working for them flourish. A wise owner/manager will provide the tools and guidance so everyone has the "opportunity" to flourish, the rest is up to the employee. Having said that if the owner doesn't appropriately compensate those who do flourish, the business will end up with low performers and ultimately not be able to compete. Water flows downhill.

Everyone is the captain of their own ship.


M code 71 Mach 1, 351 4V Cleveland, Ram Air (not factory), C6 Trans, 3.5 rear
I think most of us have a shelf life at work. I have been in my current business and went from dept manager to the GM of the facility. I have had a 50% increase in my wages over the past seven years but I know that my shelf life is reaching expiration. Sometimes you just need to do something different to bring back the passion for work. I don't want to wait till I no longer want to come in before I go. Change is good.

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Thanks everyone for the words of advice. It is much appreciated even if every aspect isn't seen eye to eye. As far as myself goes, I have performed well above average for several years, and I wasn't expecting a hand out, just equal opportunities to grow within a company. I have applied for several leadership positions and several of those haven't even allowed me to interview for them. I've tried numerous times to meet with my DM regarding the situations and he never makes the time to come visit our location or if he does, that time is spent with only the store manager. Very frustrated and I do agree with seeking different work to recharge the batteries and have a fresh start.
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