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Rocker arms
(12-01-2018, 01:42 AM)RCH71 Wrote:
(11-30-2018, 08:43 PM)barnett468 Wrote:
(11-30-2018, 01:34 PM)RCH71 Wrote: Went with the full Edelbrock performer RPM package.

Performer RPM heads part # 61629
Performer RPM air gap intake # 7564
performer RPM CAM and lift kit # 7168

ok, I hope you have a stall converter if you have an auto trans and at least 3.43 gears and at least 9.5 compression.

Yes! did my homework. Got my converter according to my car setup by ACC torque converters. got a 3.25 in the rear but soon will be searching for a 3.50 posi.

xlnt, it should run well!
Tnks to you all! Took my time to check the whole valve train geometry. 1.73 was the right size for the rockers and 8.410 the lenght for the pushrods.

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Very good, sounds like you are getting close to the start up. Remember, oil type is critical for break-in and be sure to prime it.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
Not mentioned here yet, but has been used successfully, is the use of big block Chevy rockers and pivot balls. They are available in "long slot" versions for bigger than stock lifts, and if memory serves, are super close to the Cleveland's ratio. Something like 1.73:1 for the Cleveland, and 1.71:1 for the big Chevy. Of course, you'd need to be using a 7/16 stud and guide plates, and probably valve covers with the oil dripper fingers underneath to keep the balls oiled. Specifically, I don't have any info as to any friction loss benefits to changing from Ford's sintered iron "sled" pivots, to Chevy's ball style. I can only summize that the Chevy rockers would be fairly cheap ( the reason lots of guys run Chevys ). Personally, I think I'd just go ahead and purchase proper aftermarket Ford rockers...….but I just thought I'd throw this nugget of information into the conversation 'cause some guys do it.
Got the car to the 1/4 mile yesterday. New setup worked great!....now i have traction problems. Had to be gentle on the gas all the way trough 1st gear and then step hard on 2nd gear, otherwise it only spins the tires. It is only my second time at the track, so still a noob at this. Will change to better tires and try again.My best time was 14.8 secs.

What is a good 1/4 mile time for a 1971!?[Image: e610d05b1eb2734303f2deb24ed03998.jpg]

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Congrats on getting it to the track. What was the MPH in the quarter? Chuck
(03-11-2019, 08:39 AM)c9zx Wrote: Congrats on getting it to the track. What was the MPH in the quarter? Chuck

RT = 0.729
60 ft = 2.752
330 ft = 6.786
Mid speed = 79.34
660 ft = 9.951
1000 ft = 12.643
speed = 97.71
ET = 14.93 (correction con my time!..was not 14.8)

Also thinking about re jetting the carb next time on the track. The track is at sea level and I live at 6,900 ft over the sea level. it is a 48 mile drive.
The MPH would support low 14s or high 13s with good traction and technique. If the carb is truly optimized for 6900 feet, increase about 3 jet sizes for 600 feet ASL. Keep at it and good luck. Chuck
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