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Right Speedometer gear and drive gear
Hi folks,

I have a 3.50 gears ratio with a 4 speed manual trans and 275/60 R 15 tires at the back. The problem is, the speedometer reads a lot less than the real speed, so I assume I need a new speedometer gear. Which one should I use now - my maths (I am bad at that) results in a 20 teeth. Is that right? Which drive gears should I have - 7 teeth?





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You probably do have a 7-tooth drive gear in the transmission. However, for that diameter of tire (28-inches/710mm) my calculations show that you need an 18 tooth speedometer gear.
Attached is a spreadsheet with a calculator and information.

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--Albert Einstein
Hi Don,

thank you very much, that is EXACTLY what I needed Smile




Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly Angel
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